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About Me

My name is Henrik Angelstig and I am the author behind this blog.

Weekly Success Insights exists to help you work smarter instead of harder so that you can achieve whatever goals that matter to you.

How it began

It all started after I read the book Grow Rich with Peace of Mind by Napoleon Hill. This book made me realize that I was spending all my time working on things in my life.

But I wasn’t giving my mind any time to think and work on my life.

Upon this realization, I started a daily 
thinking session. Every evening before bedtime, I would take 20 minutes to step back and reflect on my life. Was I on the right path in my career? What did I actually want from life? How could I achieve more while feeling happier doing it?

The insights started coming

From these evening thinking sessions, I started to gain so many valuable insights. I began feeling happier and more in control. And then a thought struck me: “Why not create a blog to share these insights with others?”. If just one more person benefited from them it would be worth it.

That was how Weekly Success Insights was born!

How often do I post?

I post one article every weekend on topics about success, happiness, productivity, purpose, and collaboration. My goal is to keep each article short, insightful, and actionable. Something that you could skim through in five minutes, learn something valuable, and immediately start applying it in your own life.

I hope you’ll find this blog useful in achieving whatever success matters to you!

More about Henrik

I am a 22-year old bachelor’s student at the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, who is sort of a fanatic when it comes to fulfillment, productivity, and helping others achieve goals that matter. 

  • My vision: I imagine a world in which the vast majority jump out of bed in excitement to start their day, lose track of time in enjoyment of what they do, and drift off to sleep with a smile thinking: “This was a day that mattered!”


  • Other initiatives: The Weekly Success insights blog is one of the ways I seek to contribute to the above vision. I also head a non-profit academy called Eureka: www.eurekaacademy.coWe help students believe in their ability to solve challenging problems by teaching advanced maths online.

  • Interests: I most enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family. Ideally with having a picnic in the green outdoors or a day-long trip to the beach. I frequently listen to audiobooks on success and happiness, and there are few things I love more than meeting new people who are also passionate about impacting others.


Email me at if you want to:

  • share your own ideas with me,
  • suggest a topic you would like me to write about,
  • or anything else exciting! 😃

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,